As every good Butcher knows, tight control of every link in the supply chain is essential when producing quality beef.

With the right breed of livestock, rearing and age at slaughter, Weddel Swift , in conjunction with its supply par tner, source only the finest cattle reared on farms which operate to the highest s tandards of animal welfare and husbandry.

We understand how impor tant it is for Butchers to have trust and conf idence in the product s they buy, which is why we ensure rigorous control throughout the whole supply chain on our Matured English Beef.

This product has been specif ically developed for the discerning customer who requires superior and consistent quality Matured English Beef.

During the slaughter process the carcasses are subject to high voltage stimulation combined with a slow chilling method to eliminate any chance of cold shor tening.

The sides are butchered and packed in a state of the ar t production facility under the tightest controls, ensuring adherence to specif ication and traceability throughout the whole process. It is then matured for a minimum of 28 days before delivery, fur ther improving both tenderness and f lavour.

Experienced commercial meat retailers and catering butchers will appreciate that the costs and cash f low implications associated with storing and maturing beef are considerable. This is why we at Weddel Swif t have developed this product which, having been matured a minimum of 28 days, enables it to be sold straight
away in the conf idence that it will eat well and help improve working capital at the same time.

In addition to the range of boneless vacuum packed cuts available, Weddel Swift English bone- in beef can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Please contact your nearest Weddel Swift Depot for more information and prices




Prepared from the top piece, the topside muscle is the premium primal that is situated just behind the aitch bone.


A 3-rib boneless striploin with the flank removed 25mm from the tip of the eye muscle. Backstrap is removed and fat level is not to exceed 10mm.


The D rump contains a maximum 25mm tail. Excess gristles and veins are removed. Maximum fat cover 10mm.


Whole f illet with chain. External fat and discoloured tissue removed. Any excess fat and bone gristle is also removed from the underside


The eye muscle is removed from the fore rib. Any loose tissue, bone chips and bone dust is removed. Maximum fat thickness is 10mm.

Carvery Rib

Chine, featherbones and backstrap are removed. Any bone dust and loose tissue is removed. Maximum external fat thickness is 12mm.