We are proud to supply a range of Beef, Lamb, Poultry, Gammon and Bacon products exclusively available from Weddel Swift.

Supporting English farmers through a partnership of brands you can trust, this product has been specifically developed for discerning customers who requires superior and consistent quality matured English Beef.  Weddel Swift Matured English Beef meets the requirements of the AHDB Beef & Lamb Quality Standard Mark Scheme, which provides one of the highest levels of independently inspected quality assurance for meat in the United Kingdom.  Matured for a minimum of 28 days to enhance tenderness and flavour, ensuring the best possible eating quality, product is delivered fully matured and trimmed so it can be sold immediately and so waste can be kept to a minimum.

Exclusively available from Weddel Swift and with over 20 years in the marketplace, Harmony Farm is still one of the best, consistent products you can buy. Cattle from selected Beef breeds are sourced from approved farms. Having been fed a natural grass diet for reassurance of no additives, this beef tastes how nature intended. Carcasses are matured through a combination of electrical stimulation, a sympathetic chilling regime and hip suspension, resulting a succulent flavoursome and tender product. Graded using the most modern and up to date technology, our products are hand selected to ensure that your always have a consistent yield. Choose from a range of chilled primals that are sold vac-packed in boxes from 12-22kgs giving customers smaller volume requirements more flexibility.

Weddel Swift are proud to introduce Tender Choice, our 100% assured English, competitively priced, young beef range. Tender Choice meets the requirements of the AHDB Beef & Lamb Quality Standard Mark Scheme, which provides one of the highest levels of independently inspected quality assurance for meat in the United Kingdom. A fully farm assured integrated rearing system ensures exceptionally consistent, quality product that meets a high standard of specification and provides excellent portion control. This high yield, high specification and consistent product range is guaranteed under 16 months to ensure tenderness.

Exclusive to Weddel Swift, this range of beef cuts provides a consistent product that’s great value for money. Produced from cattle reared on small farms with a high degree of stockmanship and fed on a home grown, grain based diet. This delivers a moderately marbled product and an enhanced eating experience. At an average age of 26 months, processing takes place in the most modern factories. Carcasses are chosen to comply with our required grading standard and cuts are then also weight graded to ensure consistency. Full traceability back to the farm of origin through DNA diagnostics. Steak cuts available in smaller, 15kgs style cartons.

Working with the finest producers throughout the country, we are proud to introduce Weddel Mature English Lamb, specifically designed for customers who require consistency and superior quality. Matured English Lamb complies to the specification of the Quality Standard Mark Scheme and is matured to a minimum of 7 days to enhance tenderness. This product is full of flavour and has excellent eating quality. A range of cuts are available and equally products can be tailored to your specific requirements.

Produced from carefully selected lambs and using traditional butchery methods, Chef Ready Lamb gives you the best quality succulent lamb which is packed ready to use. Ideally suited to catering butchers supplying the food industry our guaranteed Chef Ready specification will ensure consistency and an excellent level of trim. High yield and no waste, just unpack and cook.

We are proud to introduce our Traditional Bacon and Gammon range.

These products have been specifically developed for the discerning customer who requires Premium Bacon and Gammons that taste just like they used to.

We do this by adding only traditional Wiltshire curing ingredients to the highest standards of welfare pork.

Delight our customers with our range of 18 glazes. Choose from Chinese, Garden Mint, Smokey BBQ, Hot n Spicy, Garlic Butter, Jamaican Jerk, Sticky Maple, Tandoori, Tikka, Cajun, Barbeque, Piri Piri, Sweet n Sour, Tangy Chipotle Chilli, Sweet Chilli & Lime, Pepper Steak, Lemon Pepper and Salt & Pepper.

All our glazes and available in 2.5kg or 10kg tubs.

We are proud to support the British farming industry by offering a range of quality poultry, raised and produced in Great Britain. Choose from whole birds, fillets or portions.

For an everyday, value for money product that’s a consistently good, why not try our Farmers Gate brand. Streaky, Select and Prime Rib bacon is available either smoked or plain.

Our Weddel Swift Angus is selected from cattle which conform to all the usual attributes of this famous breed, due to its ability to store fat intramuscularly this leads to superb flavor and succulence. We enhance this by only taking primal’s from a tight carcass weight and grade, this gives the perfect size primal’s for steaking and uniformity and hard white creamy fat.